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Benjamin and more...

29 February 1980
I'm Rhiannon. I live in the west midlands in the UK with my husband Ian, son Ben, daughter Megan, and two black cats, Ronnie and Reggie. I work part time as a psychology teacher in an FE college (teenagers and adults), and also mark for an exam board. I like reading, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends. I love taking and looking at photos. If I get time to myself I like to watch old films, chill out with Ian or soak in the bath, the usual really. I don't get out so much these days but if I do I still love to drink, dance or talk crap into the small hours.

This journal is about my boy, Benjamin George, born 24th July 2007, and my baby girl, Megan Poppy, born 20th November 2009. I love my little family more than anything.

Parenting stance: I have done both breastfeeding and formula, have babyworn and used a buggy, have coslept and had my baby in a crib. All babies are different, all parents are different, and families should do what works best for them and not spend time worrying about what anyone else is up to. If you love your baby and you are not hitting them then it is really none of anyone else's business.

Politics: I'm pretty much to the left on most issues. I did my masters in social and cultural theory (a while ago now though - 2002) so I'm interested in the relationship between language, culture and power, and that tends to form the basis of how I look at things.

My favourite places are the seaside, especially deserted winter seaside towns, lakes, reservoirs. I spend a lot of time walking along the canal-ways by where we live with the babies.

I'm a mod for nov_2009_babies and body_love_club